Hi, I'm José Rodolfo Freitas, Software Engineer HiredGun,
XPLingo Co-founder and indie game developer.

Take a look at some of my work

Caged Preview
My Name Is Asterion
- Direction, Design and Development -
Born from the Poseidon's curse and Minos' sins. Asterion, only known as the Minotaur, is now once more trying to save the prisoners thrown into labyrinth as sacrifice. But there's a dark entity inside those walls. Something that he doesn't understand, something that even the mighty Minotaur fears. It is the Judge, and it decides that the prisoners stay.
2D and 3D Graphics: Rafael Chiamenti
Music and SFX: Julian Colbus
Status: Working on
Caged Preview
- Design and Development Team -
Caged is a mood-driven game, made in under 48h for #GGJ15. You play as an imprisoned character and have to interact with the surrounding objects in order not to go crazy. You can decide in which way you want to interact, which will eventually make you find your inner peace or lose your mind.
Status: Avalaible For Download
las-tres-puertas Preview
- Direction, Design and Development -
XPLingo is a language learning adventure game, that brings, through gameplay and storytelling, a new way to experience a foreign language.
Status: First Chapter in Beta-Test.
Rebelware Preview
- All hats. -
As a hacker on year 2114, explore, exploit and go deep inside rebelware system, as you understand and overcome the almost pure game mechanic experience.
Status: Suspended.
Onion's Only Chance ScreenShot
Onion's Only Chance
- All hats. -
A mini-game with QuickTime movements mechanics that I made under 48h for my first Ludum dare(#LD48). My entry is about an onion who wants to avoid its inevitable fate and decided to take a suicide jump, which is shown as an opportunity to fly and reach new grounds.
Status: Avalaible For Download
Vapor Mayhem Preview
Vapor Mayhem
- Development and Design team -
A game created as a final project for my Master in Game Development in 2009. It's a vertical slice of an action shooter with rhythm aspects.
Status: Available for Download
Smart Race Preview
Smart Race
- Development Team -
It's a management game, where you prepare your cars for a race and then watch them win it, hopefully.
I was working for a company called SmartGames, as a graphics and UI programmer, teamed up with a server developer, a freelancer 3d artist and a designer.
Status: Company bankrupted before game release.
Atratores Preview
- Development and design -
It's not a game, nor a simulation but it's worth mentioning. Atratores is basically a toy that creates abstract images from word letters using magnetism between them. It was presented in an Art & Technology conference in 2007.
Teamed with: Professor Ph.D. Cleomar Rocha, who was a kind of executive producer for this project.
Status: Available for Download
Ecological Park Simulation Preview
Ecological Park Simulation
- Development and design -
The idea was to create an ecological park simulation for biology students. It had a strong AI and the plan was to implement Population Dynamics.
Teamed up with two artists, Adriano de Regino and Carol
Status: Abandoned